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    Archived Minecraft 1.0 Map 2020-12-23

    Minecraft 1.0 Archived Map
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    How to Request Features

    To request features for the server, simply create a thread here with the the following information: Required: Name of the feature in the title Prefix of the requested feature (Plugin, Build, or Other) Description of the feature Optional: Images of the featured request (Useful for builds)...
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    How to Connect With Minecraft Bedrock Edition/Windows 10 Edition

    Our 1.16.4 server officially allows you to connect with Bedrock/Windows 10 Edition of Minecraft. I have added some instructions on how to connect to the server for every supported platform below. The Bedrock/Windows 10 Editions IP is: play.sebasgaming:25565 (Same as the Java edition server)...
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    Archived Minecraft 1.14.4 Map Final Build

    Minecraft 1.14.4 Archived Map
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    Archived Minecraft Beta 1.7.3 Map Final Build

    Beta 1.7.3 map before the reset
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    Welcome to SebasGaming Survival!

    Server Information Description This is a family friendly Survival server which is community-driven and based on an economy. Server Features Land Claims Shulkers drop 2 shells Server & player shops Auctions Custom map art Toggleable Phantom spawn Jobs Infinite homes Server Rules *These rules...
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    GriefPrevention Commands

    Basic Commands: /AbandonClaim - Deletes the claim you're standing in. /AbandonAllClaims - Deletes all of your claims. /Trust - Gives another player permission to edit in your claim. /Untrust - Revokes any permissions granted to a player in your claim. /Untrust All - Removes all permissions for...
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    Mall Rules

    To reserve a shop in the mall, contact sebas4412 in-game or through discord. Rules: These only apply to shop owners. No griefing other players shops. Do not change the floor, ceiling, or walls of your shop. These rules apply to everyone. Do not change the elevator levels. Do not use the...
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    Minecraft Ranks

    Current Ranks: Default Helper Trusted Moderator Admin Owner How To Earn Ranks: Helper: Earned by helping players and staff. Trusted: Earned by playing the server regularly (1-2 hours a day) Nice, helpful, and friendly towards people Moderator: Must have the Trusted/Helper rank as a...
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    Welcome to SebasGaming Survival 1.4.7!

    Contact Information: Discord (preferred): or sebas4412#1302 for private DM Email: [email protected] Server Rules: No hacking/exploiting glitches found within the older versions of Minecraft. If caught hacking or abusing exploits, you will be permanently IP...
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    Ban Appeal Layout

    Follow this layout to appeal your ban. In-game username: Which server were you banned on?: Email or Discord: Why were you banned?: Why do you wish to be unbanned?: Is this your first ban on SebasGaming?: Do you believe your ban was a result of staff abusing their powers?:
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    You may post about things that are not related to Minecraft, such as other games, technology, etc... Things that will NOT tolerated: Advertising other severs/communities Politics Profanity/racial slurs/discrimination Controversial topics Illegal topics (drugs, pirated/cracked software...