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Sep 24, 2017
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Contact Information:
Discord (preferred): https://discord.gg/sb2JuY9 or sebas4412#1302 for private DM
Email: [email protected]

Server Rules:
  1. No hacking/exploiting glitches found within the older versions of Minecraft. If caught hacking or abusing exploits, you will be permanently IP banned.
  2. We will not tolerate any rude/offensive behaviors or actions (ex. building inappropriate or offensive objects that are targeted towards a specific race, sex, or religious belief)
  3. Don't grief unclaimed land unless given permission from an admin. We simply ask that you don't grief or steal items that aren't yours. If caught you will be either jailed, or temporarily banned.
  4. Don't ask for creative, op, or a rank. Ranks are earned overtime by playing the server, creative mode and operator will never be granted to anyone as this is a survival only server. (Spawn is the only exception for creative mode)
  5. Advertising other servers or services is strongly prohibited and will result in 1 warning before a permanent ban.
  6. Please report anything/anyone that you believe may be breaking our rules.
World System:
In front of each users username in chat, you will see a tag like [W], [NW], [C], etc. These identify the world that specific user is currently in.

W - Spawn world, original 1.0 server map
NW - New world, 1.4.7 world (/warp newworld)
C - Creative world (/warp creative)
N - Nether
E - End

To preview/inspect each world you may use our servers dynmap, here

Where to Build:
We'd prefer if you'd build within the spawn area inside a claimable plot. Plots are available inside Lakeside (/warp lakeside), Dalor (currently under reconstruction as of 6/19/2020), and a currently untitled city which can be accessed through the subway station.

If you're not interested in building around spawn, you may use one of the wild warps (/warp wild, wild1, or wild2) to find some land of your own to build on.

How to Make Money:
Our server is economy based, there are several ways to make money on our server.

You can use /sell hand to sell items that you are currently holding, to figure out how much you'll get for the item(s), you can use /worth.

The best way to make money on the server would be to create a shop, a video tutorial can be found here. But heres the general template layout of how you should setup your shop:

Apply for Staff:
To apply for staff, simply fill out this form here.

But before applying for staff, we request that you fulfill these time requirements for the rank you seek:
Helper - 4 hours of playtime on the server.
Moderator - 8 hours of playtime on the server.
Admin - 12 hours of playtime on the server.

Server Plugins:
CoreProtect, dynmap, WorldEdit, TimTheEnchanter, Essentials, GroupManager, Lift, ClearLag, PlugMan, Lockette, Votifier, WorldGuard, dynmap-mobs, EssentialsChat, PlayerLogger, mcMMO, Vault, EssentialsSpawn, CCLogger, ChestShop, Dynmap-Essentials, PlotMe, AutoAnnouncer, MobArena, Dynmap-WorldGuard, SilkSpawners, Multiverse-Core, Citizens, MobHealth, OnTime, JCVaultListener, Multiverse-Inventories, CraftBay, GriefPrevention, CompatNoCheatPlus, NoCheatPlus, Dynmap-GriefPrevention
If you know any good plugins that support MC 1.4.7, feel free to contact sebas4412 through either Discord, Email, or /mail in-game.

Server Map:
(Not offering atm)

We offer the ability to download specific areas of the map such as your house so you can keep it and do whatever you wish with it.
DM Sebas4412#1302 on Discord for more info

Patreon (Donations):
Pledging money through Patreon will give you benefits on both our MC 1.4.7 server and 1.16.4 server such as, money, items, commands, custom prefixes, and more.
To help keep our server up and possibly expand servers to even older versions of MC, we accept donations.

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