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Sep 24, 2017
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Server Information
This is a family-friendly Survival server that is community-driven and based on an economy.

Server Features
  • Land Claims
  • Shulkers drop 2 shells
  • Server & player shops
  • Auctions
  • Custom map art
  • Toggleable Phantom spawn
  • Jobs
  • Infinite homes

Server Rules
*These rules can be changed at any point in time, so be sure to check back here every once in and while.

General Rules
  • Hacking/exploiting glitches found within the game are strongly prohibited and depending on the severity can result in an immediate ban without warning.
  • Treat everyone with respect, we will not tolerate any rude/offensive behavior or actions.
  • Griefing is not allowed.
  • Don't ask for creative, op, or a rank. Ranks are earned over time by playing the server, creative mode and operator will never be granted to anyone as this is a survival only server. (Spawn is the only exception for creative mode)
  • Advertising other servers or services is strongly prohibited and will result in 1 warning before a permanent ban.
  • Intentionally blocking someone else's claim by claiming around theirs will result in you losing access to claims.
  • Bonus claim blocks can be granted to those who require them. Just contact me or an admin through Discord if no staff are online.
  • If your land was griefed as a result of not having enough claim blocks to claim all your land, contact me or an admin and we should be able to roll back the land.
  • PvP is only allowed in /warp arena or if all players involved consent to it.
  • Elytra's can not be equipped during PvP.
  • No combat logging
If you believe you may be in violation of the rules I encourage you to contact me so we can clear things up without me having to punish you

If you were banned and believe it was in error you may appeal here.

Where to Build/Find Land:

Where to build
Essentially, you're allowed to build where ever there isn't a claim, but you're also allowed to build directly outside of spawn

Finding Land
The easiest way to find unexplored land to build on is by using /rtp which will teleport you to a random location.

How to Make Money:
Our server is economy based, there are several ways to make money on the server and most are listed below:

Selling to the Server
You can use /sell hand to sell items that you are currently holding, to figure out how much you'll get for the item(s), you can use /worth.

Creating a Shop (ChestShop)
The best way to make money on the server would be to create a shop, a video tutorial can be found here. But heres the general template layout of how you should set up your shop:

PlayerShop GUI
Use '/pshop sell [quantity] [price]' to put items up for sale for other players to purchase.

You can put your items up for auction for others on the server to bid on by using the commands below:
/auction start [price of item] - drag item you wish to list into the top area.
/bid [price] - bid on others auctions

Mob Farms
Probably the easiest form of obtaining money, just create a mob farm and sell the mob drops to the server.

Use the command '/jobs browse' to find a job to select and begin earning money for completing the task.

Where to Get Items:
Items such as armor, tools, food, etc. can currently be obtained through the methods listed below.

Trading Posts (W.I.P)
Found outside of spawn and can be used by right-clicking on the villager.

Server Store
Accessible by using /shop or by right-clicking the shop npc at spawn. This should bring up a menu where you'll be able to purchase whatever you need.

Player Shops
There are currently two forms of player shops on the server, ChestShop & a GUI shop which can be accessed by anyone on the server by using /pshop & to sell to the server you can use /pshop sell [quantity] price].

Bedrock Support:
We offer support for bedrock edition which instructions for can be found here. Allowing as many users to connect through whichever platform they desire to is a key element of this servers community.

Connecting cross-platform (bedrock) can be somewhat problematic at the moment as someone must be on the server using Java edition at the same time as you are connecting through Bedrock.

Apply for Staff:
To apply for staff, simply fill out this form here.

But before applying for staff, we request that you fulfill these time requirements for the rank you seek:
Helper - 8 hours of playtime on the server.
Moderator - 16 hours of playtime on the server.
Admin - 24 hours of playtime on the server.

Contact Information:
Discord: https://discord.gg/sb2JuY9 or sebas4412#1302 for private DM

Patreon (Donations):
Pledging money through Patreon will give you benefits on all our servers such as money, items, commands, custom prefixes, and more.
To help keep our server up and possibly expand servers to even older versions of MC, we accept donations.

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